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    Peter Stevens on the McLaren F1 Project:

    "Ron Dennis was extraordinary on this project. He didn’t really know any of us on the design team but he trusted us with his money. He just said ‘okay, get on with it lads, I won’t interfere, I’ll have a look but I probably won’t understand what you’re doing’, and until he saw the finished car, he really didn’t know what we’d been up to.

    "We had 100% support from him, we had a brilliant facility, we didn’t lack any tools or apparatus, we had great food!

    "The McLaren company culture is often criticised from outside, but from within the company the culture is very warm and friendly.’

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    Huracan Super Trofeo Stradale.

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  8. Fixed head coupe……

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    Day 2 of the Mille Miglia.Mercedes

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    Fiat 500 with Lamborghini V12 engine


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    1956 Jaguar D Type Lemans.

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    Lexus Concept Car top gear supercars fast cars

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